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What's new for Uppababy 2016!

What's new for Uppababy 2016!

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uppababy2016uppababy-glink-doubleAs always, Uppababy is quite the attraction here at the ABC Show and we're excited to share with you what Uppababy is adding for 2016!The biggest hit is Uppababy's brand new G-Link double umbrella stroller that we saw at the show last year. The G-Link is the G-Luxe stroller, but doubled. We're really excited about it. Shop the G-Link Stroller > glink-twoSome great features include hand-level folding triggers (no bending down!), height adjustable canopies, a stand-alone compact fold, 4 recline positions to flat, and the included removable cup holder. The G-Link is compatible from birth with the flat-recline seat, and infant support system, including plush head inserts and snap-on mesh foot barriers. You can read the original review of the G-Link here! Of course, along with the release of the G-Link will be the release of the coordinating accessories, including the G-Link Raincover and Travelsafe Travel Bag. As for the rest of the lineup: Last year, Uppababy improved their entire lineup quite significantly, so this year the only updates are to the colors available for each stroller. The Uppababy Vista 2016 remains the same, with 7 beautiful colors available. The Vista is a great convertible stroller that will grow with your family. Compatible from birth with included bassinet way into the toddler years, along with a reversible, fully-reclinable seat, large canopy, and tremendous underseat basket - the Vista is truly the only stroller you'll ever need. They will be introducing a new TravelSafe bag for the Rumbleseat/Bassinet. Shop the Vista 2016 Stroller >
Cruz 2016 in Taylor Blue Cruz 2016 in Taylor Blue
The Uppababy Cruz 2016 is now available in Taylor Blue! This dark blue fashion is especially popular for boys but I know so many parents who have chosen it for baby girls as well. The Maeve Purple color will be discontinued next year, so if you love it - then go for it now! The Cruz is the perfect mid-size stroller. Shop the Cruz 2016 Stroller > Uppababy-G-Luxe-2016-Pascal-GreyUppababy-G-Luxe-2016-Maya-Yellow-Limited-EditionUppababy-G-Luxe-2016-Georgie-Blue The Uppababy G-Luxe 2016 line is getting the biggest change with the addition of three new colors - Georgie Blue (LOVE!), Pascal Grey, and a limited edition Maya Yellow. Georgie and Pascal feature the silver base, while the Maya includes the all-black base (costs a bit more). The G-Luxe is hands-down the best umbrella stroller on the market today. Shop the G-Luxe 2016 Stroller >
The Uppababy G-Lite 2016 will only be available in the Jake All Black color from now on - the Denny Red color has been discontinued. The G-Lite is a great travel pick. Shop the G-Lite 2016 Stroller >
cozyganoosh Uppababy Cozy Ganoosh in Pascal and Jake
And lastly, there will be some new accessories for 2016. Perfect for the winter are the new Cozy Ganoosh in Jake and Pascal and a regular Ganoosh in Jake and Pascal as well. Uppababy is finally offering an extra cup holder that will fit the new G-Link stroller and G-Luxe. Handlebar covers will be available for the Vista and Cruz strollers - yay!! There will be a new parent organizer as well expected to be out in February. And a new car seat Cabana cover in black will be coming early next year! That's all, folks, from your favorite company - Uppababy!

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