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UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller: Full In-Depth Review

UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller: Full In-Depth Review

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P1000284 EXPLORE THE WORLD UPPAbaby Cruz is a champion when it comes to the stroller business. It’s compatible size and weight makes it easy to travel with and navigate the outside world. It clocks in at 37" L x 22.3" W x 40.5" H and 13.9 lb. It is small but mighty and can hold up to 50 lbs. FOLD It’s collapsible dimensions are 17"L x 22.3"W x 36"H. It is an easy fold using just two triggers on either side. The UPPAbaby Cruz folds smoothly in just one step into a neat compact fold."It is as simple as to open as it is fold and can be done in seconds. UPPAbaby-CRUZ-2018-Compact-fold INFANT SEAT UPPAbaby Cruz is a stroller that can grow with your baby. There are 3 options for infant seating, a parent can purchase an additional bassinet, infant SnugSeat, or additional car seat adapter.The Cruz is paired with the Mesa infant car seat but it is also compatible with Chicco,Maxi-Cosi, Nuna and Cybex car seats. If a parent chooses to use the Mesa infant car seat they will not need an adapter as the Mesa in an UPPAbaby car seat. infant options SEATS The number one concern for parents is the safety of their child. Cruz takes that into huge consideration when they designed the Cruz stroller.The toddler seat has an easy 5 point harness makes sure your baby is secure and safe. It takes a little muscle to click out of place which shouldn’t be much trouble for a grown adult but makes it so babies find it almost impossible to ever unbuckle themselves. The seats are reversible so you have the option for your child to face the world or just face the parent. The seats also have a one-handed, multi-position recline. The seat height and head height are adjustable and is able to accommodate taller children. vista reclineseats CANOPY The sun’s UV rays are silent killers for babies in their car seat. The Cruz sunshade offer SPF 50 protection and an extra kick out sun visor. There is a little mesh window that is covered with a magnetic flap so mom and dad don’t wake the baby when they are taking a peek. The sunshade still manages to have great ventilation for baby even when it is completely open so baby doesn't get stuffy in their stroller. bassinet P1000282 Wheels The wheels are 8.25” and made of AirGo which is foam filled plastic designed to absorb every pot hole and crack the outside world provides. A baby does not mean you are stuck at home and the Cruz makes sure to make venturing outside is as easy as possible.This is the stroller for the traveling mother who wants to explore the world with her baby. P1000307 BRAKE The brakes in the stroller are easy to use and are “pedicure friendly” as it is one giant red pedal that is easy to push and release. P1000310 FUNCTIONALITY The storage bin underneath is a godsend with space and can hold up to 25 lbs. It can hold all the baby necessities you can think of. The stroller seat itself is adjustable with an easy to use lever on the back of the seat and has various positions your baby or toddler can lay in. P1000284 STYLE You can choose from various colors to make the Cruz fit your styles. The colors available are Jake, Jordan and Emmett. The handlebars are adjustable and can range from 40.6 to 43.2 inches which means they can cater to your height. The leather on the handlebar is made out of real leather which adds a little touch of classiness and style.P1000277P1000277 ACCESSORIES When you order the UPPAbaby Cruz you will find a belly bar, rain cover and bug Cover included.There are also a plethora of accessories you can purchase to make the Cruz more convenient which include but it is not limited to reversible seat liners, snack tray, Cruz handlebar cover , travel bag , Piggyback and more. The Cruz is entirely customizable to fit all your needs and wants. Although it does not come with a bassinet you can buy one as an accessory or you can purchase an infant Snugseat to make the toddler seat more infant friendly. acess PRICE The UPPAbaby Cruz starts at $549.99+. One thing to take into consideration is that the bassinet is sold separately from the stroller as well as the SnugSeat that make the strollers infant friendly. CRUZ

The Cruz is an amazing full size stroller with a light weight feel. The light weight feel makes it easier to steer and the ride for your child more smooth. This stroller has so any features to keep your child sage and comfortable but UPPAbaby sure didn't forget parents when they were designing this stroller. This stroller makes parenting a little easier. To find out how the Cruz stacks up against the Vista Compare them here > Stroller Comparison: UPPAbaby Cruz VS UPPAbaby Vista

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