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UPPAbaby Mesa Max - Full Review!

UPPAbaby Mesa Max - Full Review!

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The UppaBaby Mesa Max is coming out in September or October, and it has some exciting features you've never seen on an UppaBaby infant car seat before! 

Max Coverage

First of all, the canopy offers much 43% more coverage, since it has an additional canopy panel (4 instead of 3). This is great for anyone who uses the stroller outdoors a lot, since in the case of sudden rain or strong sunshine, you can make baby more comfortable than ever before! 

Max Safety

The Mesa Max offers more side impact protection, and a robust headrest insert that's bigger than most other inserts to offer more protection. and even features a stabilizing load leg on the back side of the car seat and an anti-rebound bar in the base on the front side, for max stability and safety! The car seat can be used with or without the load leg, depending on your preference. This is the first car seat UppaBaby has ever introduced that boasts a load leg feature.

There's also a 4-position handle, with the 4th position being the second anti-rebound bar. The Mesa Max is certified for babies under 35 pounds. Like all UppaBaby car seats, the Mesa Max has a smart secure system on the base with red and green indicators to show when the car seat is installed correctly.

Max Comfort

With an infant insert that is softer than ever, this is the car seat designed to give your baby a dream of a ride! The comfy infant insert is for when the baby is 4-11 pounds, and the car seat has a weight limit of 35 pounds. 

Max Convenience

And with all that, the Mesa Max still weighs under 10 pounds!

The Mesa Max is safe, durable, and well-priced at $399 - $429. It comes in 5 beautiful colors. 


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