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UPPAbaby Mesa Max Infant Car Seat | Review & Comparison

UPPAbaby Mesa Max Infant Car Seat | Review & Comparison

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UPPAbaby Mesa Max Infant Car Seat is a top-notch choice for parents seeking utmost safety, comfort, and convenience for their newborns and infants. With its innovative design and advanced features, it stands out among the plethora of infant car seats available in the market. The UppaBaby Mesa Max has some exciting features and a brand new totally redesigned car seat base that you've never seen from UppaBaby before! 

Key Features of UPPAbaby Mesa Max

Max Coverage

First of all, the canopy offers 43% more coverage than the MESA , and 20% more than the MESA V2 since it has an additional canopy panel (4 instead of 3). This is great for anyone who uses the car seat outdoors a lot, since in the case of sudden rain or strong sunshine, you can make baby more comfortable than ever before! 

Max Safety

This car seat has many safety features to boast of, both in the car seat itself and in the base. This is its biggest benefit over the UPPAbaby MESA V2

The MESA Max offers more safety features than any other UPPAbaby car seat, whether you use it with the base or not! You can get the most possible safety features when you use the car seat with the base, but if you'll be traveling with the car seat, keep in mind that due to all these added safety features, the MESA Max base weighs more than the MESA V2 base.(The car seats themselves both weigh 9.9 pounds.) The additional safety features are also the reason why this car seat costs more than the MESA V2

1. Bigger Headrest

The MESA Max offers more side impact protection than all other MESA car seats, with a robust headrest insert with bigger side wings than the headrest on the MESA to offer more protection.

2. Two Anti-Rebound Bars

With the MESA Max, you're offered the safety of an anti-rebound bar whether you're using the car seat with the base or not. There is an anti-rebound bar in the base on the front side of the car seat, and there's also a 4-position handle, with the 4th position being the second anti-rebound bar, which increases safety when the car seat is installed without the base.

3. European Belt-path

The UPPAbaby MESA Max has a European belt-path, which allows for a safer installation without the base, and also will help keep the car seat more upright during a crash. 

4. Load Leg

The steel stabilizing load leg on the back side of the car seat base provides max stability and safety! The load leg is adjustable, and can be switched between 4 different positions. The car seat can be used with or without the load leg, depending on your preference. If you don’t want to use the load leg, you can easily hide it away during installation.

This is the first car seat UPPAbaby has ever introduced that boasts a load leg feature. However it can only be used with the MESA Max, and not with the MESA V2, unlike the Nuna Relx base which comes with the Nuna Pipa RX and Nuna Pipa Lite R, and can be used with any Nuna Pipa car seat. Actually, both Nuna bases - the Relx and the Pipa Base - are interchangeable, and can be used with any Pipa car seat. 

5. Smart Secure Installation System
Like all UppaBaby car seats, the Mesa Max has a smart secure system on the base with red and green indicators to show when the car seat is installed correctly, making installs super simple.

Max Comfort

With an infant insert that is softer than ever, this is the car seat designed to give your baby a dream of a ride! The comfy infant insert is for when the baby is 4-11 pounds, and the car seat has a weight limit of 35 pounds. The infant insert was redesigned so that it's more comfortable and can hold baby for longer, since it can hold up to 11 pounds instead of up to 8 pounds. 

The contoured design of this infant car seat keeps your baby in a very supportive position. The no-rethread harness is infinitely adjustable, so that you can change it to the perfect size for your baby. There’s even side ventilation on the car seat which enables more airflow to reach the baby, keeping him cooler and more comfortable, especially on hotter days. This is great, especially for when you’re using the car seat in the car in the summer!

Max Convenience

And with all that, the MESA Max infant car seat still weighs under 10 pounds! It attaches to both the UPPAbaby Vista and the Cruz without any adapters needed, and to the Ridge and Minu with adapters. 

The Mesa Max is safe, durable, and well-priced at $399 - $429. It comes with a darker charcoal shell than the original MESA, and is available in 5 beautiful colors:

  • Gregory: Blue Melange/Merino Wool
  • Greyson: Charcoal Melange/Merino Wool
  • Anthony: White/Grey Marl
  • Noa: Navy Melange
  • Jake: Charcoal

The Gregory & Greyson both feature a fire-resistant merino wool in the fabric, which is more breathable than the DualKnit polyester fabrics used on the other Mesa Max car seats, and also offers moisture-wicking properties. Gregory & Greyson are also more expensive than the other Mesa Max car seats, because of the fabric difference. 

Although we highly recommend this car seat, just be aware that a base with a load leg is not compatible with every car out there. You can check this in your vehicle's manual. Chrysler Automobiles, for instance, cautions using load legs in its cars because the floor isn’t designed to support the load leg, and therefore will not necessarily improve the safety level during a crash, and in fact may be detrimental. 

Strollers Compatible with the MESA Max Infant Car Seat

The MESA Max infant car seat directly attaches to VISTA and CRUZ strollers, with no adapters needed creating a Performance Travel System. The MESA Max can also attach to the RIDGE and MINU stroller with the use of adapters. It can be used parent-facing or forward-facing on all four strollers!

FAQs on the UppaBaby MESA Max Car Seat

Can I use a Mesa or Mesa V2 base with my MESA Max car seat?

The shell of the Max is designed differently than the MESA and MESA V2, and it only fits into the MESA Max base. 

How long can a baby use the MESA Max car seat? 

The MESA Max car seat can be used until baby is 35lbs, or up to 32". Most babies will need to switch to a convertible car seat when they’re about a year old because they got too tall to fit in the car seat, not because they outgrew it in weight. 

Is UppaBaby MESA Max worth it?

The UppaBaby MESA Max is a more expensive car seat than the classic MESA mainly because it has a base with additional safety features, such as a load leg and an anti-rebound bar.

Why are some MESA Max car seats more expensive than others?

The more expensive MESA Max car seats feature fabrics that are partially made of merino wool. 





Nuna Pipa Lite RX

Load leg



Anti-rebound bar

1 on base

1 on car seat


1 on car seat

1 on base


4 panels for + coverage

2 panels



Lux leatherette handlebar




Infant insert capacity

4-11 lbs

4-8 lbs

4-11 lbs

4-11 lbs

Price of Additional Base





European Belt-path


Car seat weight

9.9 lbs

9.9 lbs



Max weight capacity

35 lbs

35 lbs

35 lbs

32 lbs

Height Limit






Gregory Blue,



Jake, Jordan Charcoal Melange

Alice Dusty Pink

Jake Charcoal

Stella Grey Melange

Caviar, Frost, Granite, Lagoon, & Camel








Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Is the UPPAbaby Mesa Max suitable for newborns?

Yes, the UPPAbaby Mesa Max is suitable for newborns, thanks to its adjustable harness and newborn insert, providing optimal support and comfort for your little one.

2. Can I use the UPPAbaby Mesa Max without a base?

While it's recommended to use the Mesa Max with its included base for optimal safety and security, it can also be installed using the vehicle's seat belt system if necessary.

3. How does the UPPAbaby Mesa Max compare to other car seats in terms of safety?

The UPPAbaby Mesa Max surpasses industry safety standards, offering innovative features such as side impact protection and a reinforced steel frame, providing maximum protection for your child in the event of a collision.

4. Does the UPPAbaby Mesa Max fit in smaller vehicles?

Yes, the Mesa Max's compact design makes it suitable for use in smaller vehicles, ensuring a secure and proper fit without compromising on safety or comfort.

5. What warranty does UPPAbaby offer for the Mesa Max?

UPPAbaby offers a limited warranty on the Mesa Max, covering manufacturing defects and workmanship issues for a specified period. Be sure to register your product to take advantage of this warranty coverage.

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