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UPpababy Vista 2013 Taylor Indigo

UPPAbaby Vista 2013 - NEW COLORS!!

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So we're at the ABC show and we suddenly found ourselves amidst a collection of our most popular strollers - in all-new colors for 2013! The Uppababy Vista 2013 will make a statement this winter. The first color introduced is the UPpababy Vista 2013 Taylor IndigoUppababy Vista 2013 Taylor Indigo. This color will replace the popular Cole Blue. The Taylor Indigo is a deeper color - sort of like a navy. This is the perfect choice if you're expecting a boy:) The second beautiful color introduced is the Uppababy Vista 2013 Ella Green . This color is replacing the Carlin that so many parents have chosen already. They've made the Ella a gorgeous teal color which is great for both a boy and a girl. The Ella Vista is my favorite so far. What about new changes for 2013? Well, there arent' any! In 2012, Uppababy perfected the Vista drastically and they haven't got any more to do to make the Vista 2013 the top pick. Retail will go up to $729.
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