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Valco Baby Snap4, Snap Ultra & Snap Duo - Full Review!

Valco Baby Snap4, Snap Ultra & Snap Duo - Full Review!

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If you thought lightweight strollers couldn’t get any better, well think again. Recently we had a visit from Valco Baby and let me tell you in one word, WOW! Their “Snap” line features three amazing strollers; they’re all super lightweight, stylish, as well as great pushes, with many more remarkable features. Let’s go through each of them individually. We start off with the Snap 4 stroller. This is a single full size stroller that weighs the same amount as an umbrella stroller, imagine that! It comes in two colors, black and silver with the option to buy a Vogue hood to give it a pop of color. It is car seat compatible with most major car seat manufacturers; Yup, you can choose a car seat and low and behold your travel system is set up for you right from the get go. The seat is wide, roomy, and can hold up to 44 lbs, which is the average weight of a 6 year old child, so you will be able to get your full use from this stroller. The Snap 4 has a multi-position recline and can be used from when your baby is a newborn. The under carriage basket is nicely sized and can be accessed very easily. Now one big feature of the stroller is the fold, we call it the “clean” fold and it’s not just talking about how easy it is to do. It is a two-step one handed fold (no need for a third hand to hold baby) and the way it folds keeps the seat clean not allowing dirt or dust to get on the fabric! valco-baby-snap-duo-tailormade-grey-marle-5The Snap Duo is the next stroller coming up. It has the same great features as the Snap 4 with a second seat for your two children to sit side by side. The stroller comes in three color options, the black is the same fabric as the Snap 4 and they added premium fabric options from their Tailormade collection available in Grey Marle or Denim Blue. The seats can each hold up to 45 lbs. Each seat has its own belly bar and you can use one car seat on the stroller at a time while the other seat still uses its belly bar. With the lay flat recline and adjustable foot rest you can easily have two newborns in the stroller at once. The push is smooth and super easy, one handed, and the canopy has full coverage. It still includes the same great fold on the Snap Duo as the Snap 4, so no worries of getting your stroller dirty. The last stroller in the lineup is the Snap Ultra; a truly lightweight full feature stroller. The seat fabrics are from the Tailormade line as well, with four different color options. The seat has a multi-position recline allowing to be used from infancy, a reversible seat, a huge canopy, and adjustable foot rest; you also have the option of a bassinet sold separately. It has a nicely sized and easily accessible storage basket for all of your mommy and baby needs. Another great feature of the stroller is that you can fold the stroller with the seat facing either direction. The most compact folds are either with the seat removed or believe it or not with the seat mom facing. Due to the fact that this stroller does have different features, it doesn’t have the “clean fold” but still the same easy fold one handed fold. You could even use this stroller frame as your travel system because it is car seat compatible and super lightweight making it easy to use in and out of your car. If you don’t like the EVA tires that come standard with all the strollers, Valco Baby has given customers the option of purchasing “Air Tire Kit”. These are air filled tires which will give the stroller a better all terrain ride. All in all, the strollers are a great option for any family and they’re budget friendly so that doesn’t hurt the pocket either. Check them out on our website and call a baby gear expert if you have any more questions!

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