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Veer Switchback - Full Review!

Veer Switchback - Full Review!

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The Veer Switchback seat is way cool, and can be used in so many different ways, with six different setups! Switch&Roll, Switch&Jog, Switch&Bike or Switch&Chill - attach the Veer Switchback to a stroller frame, a jogging stroller frame, a bike seat, a mealtime booster, or even a seat at the campfire!
The shock absorbing seat is strong and durable, designed to carry your little one through rugged adventures! But keep in mind that the seat is just a seat. You’ll need a second product to get the most out of the Switchback. The brilliance of the Switchback is in its compatibility with so many other Veer products!


You can use the Veer Switchback seat together with the &Roll 4-wheel stroller for everyday errands and trips around town. The &Roll offers 4-wheel suspension and multiple seat positions, and the seat can be adjusted to face either you or the world. You can use up to 2 Switchback seats on the frame, or you can even use a bassinet or infant car seat!


There’s also a three-wheeled stroller frame that can be used with the Veer Switchback seat, perfect for going running! Just switch the seat onto the 3-wheeled jogging stroller frame, &Jog!


And if you’re in the mood of going biking, then you can simply switch&bike! The &Bike Mount is easy to attach to your bike so you can take your little one along for the ride. You can even attach the bike mount without the seat in order to take gear along. 


Use the &chill adapter to let your little one chill in his Veer Switchback seat at the campfire! You can even recline the seat to make your child most comfortable. The adapter is small enough that it can fit in the &Roll or the &Jog storage basket. 

Other Uses

The Veer Switchback can also be attached to the Veer Cruiser, or used as a mealtime booster. 

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