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What is a Bugaboo?

What is a Bugaboo?

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Bugaboo at PishPoshBaby Recently, while doing some research I came across this question in a number of places. What is a bugaboo? For anyone in the baby gear world the answer is obviously clear. Bugaboo is class (think Cameleon3), functionality (think Donkey) and style (think Bee). It's the elite stroller outing experience.

But what about someone who is not involved with baby gear? What does Bugaboo mean for them? Here are some of the answers I found:
  • Bugaboo Creek is a name of a steakhouse chain that has 13 locations in the New England region
  • The Bugaboo is the annoying "friend", the one who calls incessantly and comes over too often without being invited, the one who sends you a second text within ten minutes just because you didn't answer the first, they look through your pocketbook, phone, computer without asking... you get the picture.
  • A Bugaboo is a recurring problem
  • A Bugaboo is the object of obsessive, exaggerated fear or anxiety
  • Bugaboo is a slang term for a legendary, scary creature (think boogeyman)
These really brought a smile to my face. What other meanings does "Bugaboo" have for you? And which is your favorite? (I can't decide between the steakhouse and the bugaboo friend.) Sarah
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