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What is a CPST? Infant Safety While Traveling

What is a CPST? Infant Safety While Traveling

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Baby Safety Month is the perfect time to make sure your car seat is installed correctly. Choosing and using the right car seat is important, but what’s also imperative is to make sure the car seat is installed properly. Vehicle-related injuries are the leading cause of death in children who travel.

The Journey to Expertise:

In May 2021, several dedicated Baby Gear Experts recognized the importance of enhancing their knowledge and officially became Certified Passenger Safety Technicians (CPST). Today, the majority of our experts hold CPST certifications, providing them with the expertise to not only install car seats accurately but also guide parents through the process. This commitment reflects our dedication to ensuring the safety of every child during their travels.

Overcoming Installation Challenges:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that a staggering 60% of parents find car seat installation somewhat frustrating. This frustration is not surprising, given that almost half of parents haven't installed car seats boosters, posing a serious safety hazard to their children. Recognizing this, our CPSTs have undergone rigorous training in a comprehensive four-day course, investing over 30 hours to master the intricacies of different car seat types, latches, and the art of proper installation.

The Importance of CPST Certification:

Becoming a Certified Passenger Safety Technician involves intensive training in various aspects of child passenger safety. CPSTs are equipped with the knowledge needed to address the unique challenges posed by different car seats and vehicles, ensuring a secure fit that minimizes the risk of injury during travel. Their commitment to ongoing education and proficiency in the latest safety standards make CPSTs an invaluable resource for parents seeking peace of mind.

Your Child's Safety, Our Priority:

We understand that your baby's safety is priceless. If you're considering a new car seat and want assurance that it's installed correctly, our Certified Passenger Safety Technicians are here to help. Beyond installation assistance, they are eager to educate parents, empowering them to confidently install car seats on their own when needed. Worried about the cost? Don't be. This month, and always, our CPST services come at no charge, representing our commitment to prioritizing infant safety.


As we celebrate Baby Safety Month, let's underscore the significance of proper car seat installation. By relying on the expertise of our Certified Passenger Safety Technicians, parents can take proactive steps to safeguard their children during every journey. For more comprehensive advice on keeping your baby safe both on the go and at home, explore our article, 

Top Tips For Keeping Your Baby Safe.

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