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What Kind Of Stroller Can I Take On A Plane? International and Domestic Parents Guide!

What Kind Of Stroller Can I Take On A Plane? International and Domestic Parents Guide!

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Figuring out airline stroller policies can be stressful as a new parent. Take a breath. If you’ve ever wondered, ‘what kind of stroller can I take on a plane?’ read on. Here we cover everything you need to know when flying with a stroller, from airline guidance to no-brainer travel stroller features for a stress-free flight. 

We’ve also recommended three lightweight and compact options for your next vacation. Bon voyage!

Can I Take A Stroller On An Airplane?

Each airline has different stroller regulations and policies but, broadly speaking, yes, you can take your stroller with you on a plane. 

Flying with your stroller means you can hit the ground running when you arrive at your destination. You’ll save on the expense and time waiting around to pick up a rented one, and won’t need to get used to something new.

As for dimensions, the International Air Transport Association says: ‘Carry-on baggage should have a maximum length of 22 in (56 cm), width of 18 in (45 cm) and depth of 10 in (25 cm). These dimensions include wheels, handles, side pockets etc.’

Check your airline’s policies before you fly.



What Are The Options For Taking A Stroller On A Plane?

There are three courses of action you can take.


1. Stow Your Stroller In The Plane’s Overhead Bins

This is where a lightweight, compact and folding travel stroller comes into its own. It’ll count as a piece of carry-on luggage, which you can then store in the overhead lockers. It means you’ll have your stroller up until you board the plane – perfect if your child needs to nap. You also don’t have to worry about your stroller being lost or damaged en route. 


2. Check Your Stroller In At The Gate

This option enables you to keep your stroller with you in the airport. When it’s time to board your flight, collapse your stroller either at the gate or when you’re about to board the plane. It will then be loaded onto the aircraft and you can pick it up with your checked luggage at the other end.


3. Check Your Stroller In With Your Checked Baggage

This is where you treat your stroller like your hold luggage and check it in at the counter. It’s then loaded onto the plane with all the suitcases. It means you don’t have to worry about your stroller until you reach your destination. But it also means you can’t transport your child as easily around the airport while you wait for your flight.


What Should I Consider In A Travel Stroller?

Your perfect travel stroller should be easy to fold, carry and stow, and accommodate a wide range of ages as your child grows. Here’s what we recommend looking out for.


Is It Easy To Fold, Carry And Stow? 

  • A one-hand fold option is always welcome when you’re juggling small children and awkward spaces. 
  • The more compact your stroller is when folded, the easier it will be to fit through airport scanners and stow in overhead bins and car trunks. 
  • Look for a sturdy strap, handle or bag to make it easier to carry the stroller with one hand or over the shoulder when you’re boarding and disembarking from the plane.
  • Finally, is it lightweight? Ideally, choose a stroller that weighs less than 15lbs. 



Does It Cater To A Wide Age Range?

  • If you’re traveling with a newborn baby, car seat adaptability will come into its own.  
  • For babies of a few months-plus and toddlers who still require regular naps, reclining seats are a must. 
  • For older toddlers, ensure your chosen travel stroller has wide-enough, comfy seats. 


Any Other Useful Additional Features? 

  • Whether you’re off camping, going to the beach or embarking on a city break, a large storage basket is necessary to transport all the gear you need for a day out.
  • If you’re someplace hot, ensure the stroller has a wide canopy to protect your child from the elements. 


Is It Easy To Clean? 

  • Toddlers and traveling may mean sickness – and accidents do happen. Opt for a travel stroller that has wipeable, dirt- and moisture-resistant fabric. 


Three Travel Strollers To Buy Now 

Babyzen YOYO2 6+ Complete Stroller

This lightweight, agile and ultra-compact folding stroller is purpose built for easy air travel. Babyzen’s YOYO2 Stroller boasts a folding chassis design that’s fully compliant with airline overhead bin carry-on luggage size restrictions. 

It unfolds in one flick of the wrist, making it easy to assemble on the go. The reinforced frame and improved independent suspension on all four wheels make it easy to push and maneuver in unfamiliar territory. Plus, it weighs just 13.6 lbs and has multiple recline positions for a comfy snooze. 



Cybex Libelle 2 Lightweight Stroller

With one of the smallest folds in the world, the Cybex Libelle 2 Stroller folds into a genius space-saving and self-standing package that’s carry-on compliant and easy to store in planes. At only 13.7 lbs, it’s lightweight enough to make carrying a breeze. 

Use from birth, by attaching any Cybex infant car seat to the frame, while the one-hand adjustable recline includes a near-flat position for older babies and toddlers. It also has a canopy with wide coverage and a UPF 50+ rating to protect your child from the sun. Travel bag sold separately.



Joolz Aer+ Stroller

The ultra-compact Joolz Aer+ folds in one second with one hand. It’s super-lightweight at 13.2lbs, comes with a smart shoulder strap for easy carrying and fits in small spaces, making it airplane proof. The ergonomic, comfortable seat supports the growth of your little one, and can be changed to a recline position to improve those much-needed naps. Travel bag included.


We want you to set off on your vacation without a care in the world. Browse our collection of lightweight travel strollers and find out what you REALLY need to pack for a family trip with our Travel Essentials For Kids.
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