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Which Stroller Wheel is Right for You

Which Stroller Wheel is Right for You

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So, here's the BIG question. There are so many strollers out there and there are all different kinds of wheels on those strollers. Which type of stroller wheel is the right one for you? The first thing to determine is how you plan on using your stroller for the most part. Are you looking for style? Are you looking for a smooth push? Or do you only plan on taking your stroller to the mall? There are 4 typical stroller wheel types: pneumatic tires, air filled, and air wheel tires with sealed ball bearings. Each one has its advantages. Standard Rubber Tires -Rubber coated plastic, no-flat -Geared for smooth, standard, comercial surfaces Air Filled Tires -Tube tires; similar to bicycle wheels -Gives a much smoother and less bumpy ride -Geared for lots of walking and uneven surfaces (city street walking) Pneumatic Tires -Reinforced rubber and filled with compressed air -Geared for jogging strollers Air Wheel Tires with Sealed Ball Bearings -Generally larger, most durable wheels that produce a smooth ride -Geared for all-terrain (jogging included) Two things to keep in mind is that, generally, a big wheel gives a smoother ride, and that the more rugged they are the better will push on more difficult terrain; the more rugged they are, the better it will push. Below is a chart to help clarify.
Air Filled Pneumatic Air Wheel with Sealed Ball Bearings Standard Rubber
Features Tube tires Reinforced rubber and filled with compressed air Generally larger, most durable wheels that produce a smooth ride Standard rubber coated plastic
Maintenance Required x
Geared for Walking & uneven surfaces Jogging All-terrain Standard, commercial surfaces
Surface Example City streets Paths Anywhere & Everywhere Mall, Stores
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Out of curiosity what terrain do you use your stroller on most? Sarah Embed this image on your site:

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