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Why I chose the Uppababy Vista vs Bugaboo Cameleon

Why I chose the Uppababy Vista vs Bugaboo Cameleon

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Our Uppababy Vista! Our Uppababy Vista!
By Ellena NOTE: This post refers to the 2014 Uppababy Vista stroller. Compare the 2015/2016 Vista to the Cameleon3 here. One of the biggest debates in the stroller world and the Million Dollar Question Mom Reps are most frequently asked is "Which stroller is better - the Bugaboo Cameleon or Uppababy Vista?" There really is no right answer - each of the two strollers are designed so gorgeously but one stroller can't possibly boast of every feature. Each one has its benefits and disadvantages over the other. I've been working at PishPoshBaby for over 2 years now and finally just had a little girl of my own:) While I had 9 months to make a decision between the two, I couldn't make up my mind until the baby was born. And what stroller did I go for? I chose the Uppababy Vista. And I'll tell you why. I live in the city and the stroller I choose will turn into my car. I needed a stroller that can replace the conveniences of a vehicle as much as possible. When you compare the Bugaboo Cameleon vs Uppababy Vista, the Vista is a much better option for someone living in the city. I really like the Uppababy Vista parts better. For one, the Uppababy Vista includes a bassinet and stroller seat - two entirely separate pieces. That means that I can use the bassinet for sleeping and don't have to splurge on a crib just yet - which saves me loads of space in my small apartment. The Bugaboo includes one seat frame that is used for either the seat or the bassinet, depending on what fabric is currently on the frame. Switching from seat to bassinet and back takes time and effort. The bassinet on the Bugaboo travel system isn't as breathable and safe for night sleeping, in my opinion. I'd hesitate before using it in place of a proper crib. Additionally, after using the bassinet as a crib it'll be a bit worn out and unsuitable to convert into a stroller seat. The Vista vs Cameleon's underseat basket is considerably larger. I can't imagine going out to the market with a basket the size of the Cameleon's - I'd only be able to fit a few items in it. My Vista's basket gives me ample room for anything I'd need to bring along with me. It's also an open basket so it's easy to get to, while the basket on the Cameleon has a draw-string closure (which is great when you have valuables under there, but it is harder to access). The Uppababy Vista folds in one piece - a majorly important feature for someone who travels as much as I do. The two separate pieces of the Bugaboo Cameleon tend to get thrown around underneath the airplane and are much more likely to get damaged in the process. I know too many people who had bad experiences. The front wheels of the Vista are larger and more durable than Cameleon's. In general - the Uppababy Vista is a much more durable stroller with less rattling when strolling. To me, it feels like it was built much stronger. Did I mention that the Vista takes a second seat, while the Cameleon does not? Ok, so what does the Bugaboo Cameleon have over the Vista that I lost out on? The Bugaboo Cameleon does weigh a nice couple of lbs less than the Vista. Why don't I care about that? Because I'm not lifting the stroller at all. I live a half a flight up and it's easy to wheel it up and down. I'm not going in and out of a car because of where I live, and so while it would have been easier to have a lighter buggy, after considering all the factors and benefits, it was a no-brainer to give up on the weight difference in exchange for everything else the Uppababy Vista has to offer me in my lifestyle.

And so far - I haven't looked back! I love the Vista for every reason in the world. It would have been nice to push a luxury Bugaboo, but it's far more practical for me to be pushing a Vista!

Let me know what you love about your Vista or Cameleon and why you chose the one you did.

Watch our comparison video below of the 2015/2016 Vista vs Cameleon3

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