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Why the Bugaboo Donkey is the Ultimate Stroller for Twins

Why the Bugaboo Donkey is the Ultimate Stroller for Twins

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21-bugaboo_donkey_23_39lHaving twins is a most exciting occasion parents can only dream about. Twins bring double joy and while they can be overwhelming, preparing your home properly for the new additions is a real lifesaver. Choosing the right stroller for twins is even more important than shopping for just one. You need one stroller that can hold both babies - from infancy. Not too many double strollers are designed to handle twins. Enter the Bugaboo Donkey - the best double stroller for Twins. The Bugaboo Donkey is most commonly known for its ability to extend to accommodate one child or two. The Bugaboo Donkey offers more configuration options than any other double stroller. web-bgb_donkey-zw-twin-pb-afWhy is the Bugaboo Donkey the best stroller for Twins? The Bugaboo Donkey Twin is the only stroller you'll need from birth to toddlerhood. The Bugaboo Donkey Twin includes two bassinet units so you'll have a beautiful double pram with side-by-side, overnight-approved bassinets for your little ones. bugaboo-donkey-britax-twin-car-seat-adapter-30In-and-out-of-the-car often? The Bugaboo Donkey offers the ability to have two infant car seats side by side, allowing you equal acces to both babies. Adapters are available for the popular Maxi Cosi, Graco, Chicco, and Britax infant seats so you have many different options in terms of choosing a car seat. bugaboo-donkey-twin-3The bassinet units convert into the seat units that you can adjust independently. The each recline and reverse so you can adjust each child differently depending on their needs. The flat recline means that naptime can still happen even when you aren't home. The extendable canopies offer ample coverage from the elements. Going out with twins means you'll be bringing along double the amount of paraphenelia so that you're fully equiped to take care of your children when on the go. The basket on the Bugaboo Donkey is so large, you'll have plenty of room for everything you need. The Bugaboo Donkey Twin is truly the easiest double stroller to push, with Bugaboo's unsurpassed maneuverability. The great suspension system offers a smooth ride for your little ones. foldThe adjustable handlebar is great for parents of different heights. The Bugaboo Donkey's fold may not be the smallest fold on the market, but it does easily fold pretty small and in one piece. Stroller includes the rain covers and bumper bars as well. bugaboo-donkey-duo-silver-chassis-black-soft-pink-fabric-ice-blue-hoodThe Bugaboo Donkey Twin is available in either an aluminum or an all-black base. There are many colors available in terms of the canopy colors so you can put together the stroller of your dreams (This is great especially if you have a boy and a girl - two different color hoods!). If you have an older child who wants to ride along with the babies, you can use the comfort wheeled board for them. The Bugaboo Donkey Twin will make your life as a parent of multiples a whole lot easier:) Let us know if you have any questions about the stroller, and give us a call at 877.747.4767 to get yours today!

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