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World Oceans Day: Brands Protecting Our Oceans

World Oceans Day: Brands Protecting Our Oceans

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The ocean covers over two thirds of our planet and produces at least half of all its oxygen. It's our life source, supporting every living organism on Earth. Yet with 90% of big fish populations depleted and half of all coral reefs destroyed our oceans are in trouble. That's why we love working with brands that actively look for ways to protect it. Check out what these amazing brands are doing and discover ways to shop responsibly this World Oceans Day.


What is World Oceans Day?

World Oceans Day is a day for us all to celebrate the beauty and diversity of our planet’s oceans, recognising the part they play in our sustenance and survival. They’re the lungs of our planet and a major source of food and medicine for humans, not to mention the creatures and organisms with which we share our world.

It's an opportunity to have an open conversation about the impact of human actions on the ocean, and mobilize us all on a project for the sustainable management of our world’s oceans.

One of the biggest impacts we can have as individuals is how and where we choose to spend our money. By choosing brands that are reducing the environmental impact of the products we use, we can take small steps towards creating a sustainable future for our children. 

So, with that said, let’s take a look at these two amazing brands that are creating more sustainable products and are actively working to reduce the amount of plastic waste polluting our oceans.



This much-loved stroller brand makes it their aim to put the well-being of our planet Earth at the core of everything they do. That’s why they incorporate sustainable fabrics in their Classic Blue and Refined Black fabrics on the Joolz Day+, Joolz Geo2, Joolz Hub+ and Joolz Aer+ strollers.


We love that Joolz have teamed up with Waste2Wear - a company that’s passionate about reducing plastic waste and keeping our planet clean.  With their Ocean Plastic Project, post- consumer plastic is retrieved from coastal areas before it disappears into the oceans. Through an environmentally friendly process of sorting, cleaning, spinning and weaving, Waste2Wear creates new strong material that is specially created for Joolz pushchairs. So you can stroll with confidence towards a brighter future!





We’ve a long history of working with Bumbleride, being one of the very first brands we stocked when we first opened our doors back in 2011. And we’re proud to work with them, not only because they make outstanding strollers, but because they work hard to make decisions that preserve the planet we all share.

The textiles, aluminum and plastics that make-up Bumbleride products are carefully chosen for durability, safety and function, but also for their environmental impact. Bumbleride seek-out suppliers that are innovating to save energy, conserve water & reduce landfill waste. 


bumbleride strollers


You can find out more about all of their sustainable efforts here, but one example is their use of recycled fishing nets. Beginning with their 2020 Collection Bumbleride have sourced nylon recovered from used fishing nets, which make-up 25% of the plastic components in their stroller frames. These nylon fishing nets are recovered from oceans near their Taiwan factory, cleaned and re-purposed into safe, durable stroller components.




Small Steps

Working towards a sustainable future is no small task, that’s why we think it's so important to support those brands that are working towards offering us environmentally friendly choices when it comes to buying products for our families. Are there any brands that you choose because of their environmental impact? Leave a comment below and share your recommendations. We love to hear them!

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