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Your Strollers Features Guide [Infographic]

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What features are important when looking at a stroller?

Fold - Yes - this is one of the most important clinchers when looking at a stroller. Most people go in and out of their cars pretty often, and a stroller that doesn't fold easily isn't the best option for those on the go. Recline - The majority of strollers do recline nowadays, with the exception of some basic umbrella strollers. Bassinet Option - This feature is fabulous if you want to use your stroller from birth. Some pricier strollers include the bassinet, while some offer it separately. Brake System - While you won't remember to look at this, it's important to check it out before purchasing a stroller, especially if you are an avid runner. Wheels - This is a major feature on strollers, no matter what you are looking for. On basic strollers, you'll want to go with smaller wheels, while on a jogging stroller, look out for the bigger wheels. Height - Whether you are short or tall, you don't want pushing your stroller to be awkward or annoying. Width - So many people forget about this one - and can't get their stroller outside of their front door! Measure your doorways at home and check out the dimensions of all strollers. Adjustable Handlebar - Are you and your hubby a couple of inches apart? You'll love a stroller with an adjustable handlebar, if you are. Wheels Release - This makes storing and traveling with your stroller so much easier, although some find it to be a pain. Weight - No matter what you plan on using your stroller for, there will be times when you will need to lift it. Make sure that your stroller is one that is easy for you to handle. Weight Capacity - Everyone wants to extend the life of their stroller for as long as possible. Especially if your chart is off the charts, make sure to have foresight before settling. Box Dimensions - If you plan on having your stroller shipped elsewhere, check out the box dimensions to figure out the extra costs involved.

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