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Bugaboo Fox5 Stroller Vs UppaBaby Vista V2- Full Comparison!

Bugaboo Fox5 Stroller Vs UppaBaby Vista V2- Full Comparison!

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Bugaboo Fox5 Stroller Vs UppaBaby Vista V2 - Full Comparison!

Many parents try to choose between these when deciding which stroller to go with. The Bugaboo Fox5 & the UppaBaby Vista V2 are two similar options - but they're both awesome in their own way!

Overall Look

The Bugaboo Fox5 has luxurious vibes and all, but UppaBaby Vista has a sleeker, more narrow silhouette. These two strollers definitely don’t look the same; the canopies have a different look, and the handlebars and bumper bars are different too. They may be within a similar price point, but they are from two different brands after all! Most of the Vista strollers, except for the Jake Charcoal & Jordan Charcoal Melange, feature full-grain saddle leather handlebars, while all Fox5 strollers have black leather-look handlebars. 

Second Seat

Although the Bugaboo Fox5 stroller seat itself can be adjusted in length to fit your growing child, the Bugaboo Fox5 does not convert to a double stroller, while the UppaBaby Vista V2 can, since you can add on a rumbleseat. The Vista is awesome for growing families! You can also add a piggyback board to the Vista, and a comfort wheel board Board to the Fox5. Bugaboo does offer a single-to-double stroller; the Bugaboo Donkey3

Car Seat Compatible

Both the UppaBaby Vista V2 & Bugaboo Fox5 are car seat compatible, although car seats are sold separately. The UppaBaby Vista can actually be used with the MESA car seat, and no adapters are needed! Both strollers can be used with the Nuna Pipa infant car seats, and plenty of other baby car seats!


We found the handlebar on the Vista to be easier to adjust - you can do it with the push of the button. To adjust the handlebar on the Fox5, you need to open both white latch pieces, adjust the handlebar, and push the white latch pieces back into place on each side of the chassis. It’s really not complicated at all! But it’s not as easy to deal with as the one on the UppaBaby. 

Although the handlebar on the UppaBaby Vista V2 is more simple, the one on the Bugaboo does have a wider range of adjustability! 


Both of these strollers have really nice-sized baskets! The one on the Bugaboo Fox is nice and big, and the one on the Vista is massively huge, with some small pockets in the front to keep the area organized. 


Happens to be that we’re totally in love with the Breezy bassinet on the Bugaboo Fox5. It has this really cool mesh panel for airflow! 

Weight Capacity

Both of these strollers have the same weight capacity; 50 pounds. 

If you need a stroller for more than one child, the UppaBaby stroller is what will work for you, but if you need a stroller for just one baby, be sure to check out the Bugaboo Fox5 - we're loving this new stroller!






Bugaboo Fox 5

UppaBaby Vista V2


36.6" x 23.6" x 41.3"

36” x 25.7” x 39.5”

Folded Dimensions

17.3" x 23.6" x 35.4" (one piece)

14 L x 25.7 W x 33 H (one piece)

Tandem seat



Wheel Size

8.5” front wheels / 12” rear wheels


Reversible Seat




Extendable Canopy with Mesh Peekaboo Window 

Extendable Canopy with 2 Mesh Peekaboo Windows

Basket Capacity

22 lbs

30 lbs

Basket Size


Extra Large


All-wheel suspension

All-wheel suspension

Adjustable Handlebar



Lockable Front Wheels



Car Seat Compatible




26.9 lbs

27 lbs

Weight Capacity

50 lbs

50 lbs




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