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Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller - What's it all about??

Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller - What's it all about??

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The All-New Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller is making a splash debut! Bugaboo leaked its new stroller coming out in the USA. The Buffalo is a cross between the much loved cameleon stroller and the extra rugged donkey stroller. Mix those guys together and you'll get the bugaboo buffalo! The Bugaboo Buffalo is finally here! Like all Bugaboo strollers, the Bugaboo Buffalo is known for its high quality, smart design, innovative functionalities, smooth ride and its ease of use.

Watch the Bugaboo Buffalo video here!

Designed specifically for all-terrain performance, the Bugaboo Buffalo is a must for parents who love to discover. Whether that's blazing a trail through the urban jungle - or cross-country. Bugaboo's latest stroller is at home in the city as it is on tougher trails. Versatile, robust and spacious, the one piece fold Bugaboo Buffalo has multiple luggage options (up to 16kg), a high and spacious seat (up to 23kg/50lbs), and an extendable sun canopy for extra protection against the elements. So no matter how rough your expedition, it will always be a smooth ride. The Bugaboo Buffalo comes in the base colors black + sand and tailored fabric colors off-white, red, pink, petrol blue, royal blue and black.

The main features of the Buffalo are:

Two-wheel position for sand and snow To handle trickier terrain like sand and snow, there is a specific position you can put the pushchair into, which sits the smaller two wheels above the ground. This makes the Buffalo much easier to control. Spacious and easily accessible luggage options You can add an extra storage compartment to the handlebars of the pushchair which can hold up to 6kg. So this is perfect for anything you need to keep close at hand. Bugaboo says it will have official safety certification (the first of its kind) which allows such a weight to be placed on this part of the frame. The shopping basket at the base can also hold a lot, up to 10kg. One piece foldable and self-standing (with carrycot and seat) for easy storage Storing your Bugaboo Buffalo away is not a problem either, with a simple one piece foldable action to collapse the structure (seat unit or carrycot still attached) and put away. As it's also self standing, this keeps the pushchair clean and makes for an overall far more enjoyable time with your Buffalo. Extendable sun canopy for extra protection against sun, wind and rain To keep your little one safe from the elements, you can fold the canopy down further than usual, for maximum protection. From infant to toddler The Buffalo is suitable from birth with the carrycot. All-terrain suitability Rugged, large tires and a sturdy chassis mean the new Bugaboo can handle all types of land.
Compare Bugaboo Buffalo vs Bugaboo Cameleon3

Our Customers Love their Bugaboo Strollers! Check out some of their reviews! I'm so excited! I couldn't decide if I should get the 2012 Cameleon or the Cameleon 3. I wasn't sure if I should wait until it came out. I am glad I did! It's everything I could have wanted in a stroller. - Tracy B, New York, NY I bought the Cameleon 3 Bugaboo black base with black fabric. It was worth it to skip getting the frame in black because of the price difference. I love it! - Laura F, Long Beach Island, NJ Bugaboo really went all out on the 3 cameleon! I'm glad I waited for it. It pushes really well. The large wheels help with that. It is a bit heavier than other carriages, but that's gotta happen if it's sturdier. It also comes with so many color combinations and a whole variety of accessories. In addition to all that, there was no shipping and no tax, and the customer service was phenomenal! - Bertha J, Seattle, WA I love my bugaboo 3 cameleon! I purchased the black base with the pink fabric. It's so pretty. It pushes really well and is very stylish. It was worth every penny I paid for it! - New York, NY I got a black base cameleon 3 with orange fabric. It's everything I've ever wanted in a stroller. I figured that if I decide to change the color fabric later on black would look good with all the options. I got some really great accessories. I like the snack tray and the organizer best from all of them. Excellent quality. - Lily N, Miami, FL The best part about getting the cameleon 3 bugaboo was that not only did pishposh keep me up to date on the release time, they also didn't charge any shipping or tax! I got the black base with the sand fabric. So far it's been performing beautifully. - Addison B, San Diego, CA We got the cameleon 3 as a baby gift. I love, love, love it! It's so stylish, durable and easy to push. I'm so grateful for it. I did buy the maxi cosi car seat adapter which just makes going out in the car a real breeze. - Franny I, Buffalo, NY My wife is thrilled with this stroller. She was planning on getting a less expensive one but she kept eyeing the cameleon 3 online. I wanted to surprise her. I wasn't sure which color base to get her but decided to go with the balck because that's the one i saw visited most in her browsing history. And it was the one she wanted! My mother in law then got her a car seat with an adapter as a gift. It's really a great stroller. Am glad I did it for her. - James E, Los Angeles, CA I got the black base cameleon 3 with the red fabric as a baby gift. I had a number of people complaining that I didn't find out what I was having so they didn't know what to get me for my baby shower. But my grandma figured it out! The red can be for a boy or girl so it is perfect! - Sheila I, Buffalo, NY I purchased the cameleon 3 bugaboo black base. I couldn't decide between the off white fabric and the royal blue fabric. I really like the off white better but I ended up going with the blue because I was too worried about the white getting dirty. - Eleanor V, Atlanta, GA I love my black base petrol blue fabric bugaboo cameleon 3! The color is beautiful! It's a great stroller that pushes really well. The best part, though was that you don't pay shipping fees! - Phillipa S, Buffalo, NY
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