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Bugaboo Buffalo vs Bugaboo Cameleon3

Bugaboo Buffalo vs Bugaboo Cameleon3

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A new quality product being offered as part of the Bugaboo lineup, the Bugaboo Buffalois relatively similar to the Cameleon with a few Donkey-like characteristics. It's almost as if the Bugaboo's Cameleon, renowned for its myraid customization options, and the shape-shifting Donkey, lauded for its flexible convertible frame, had a baby. Like the Cameleon, the mighty Buffalo stroller can tackle any terrain, from uneven cobblestones in the city to a gravel pathway in a countryside park. So you can expect both of these strollers to have a smooth, fluid ride and thick, all-terrain wheels. No matter what the terrain, the sturdy wheels and suspension ensure a no-hassle trip for your baby, and for parents, it's much easier to push and steer compared to many other strollers on the market. Manuevering these strollers is a cinch. There's a reason why some reviewers refer to the Cameleon as the 'Mercedes Benz' of strollers, and the Buffalo, luckily, retains this characteristic. Like both the Cameleon and the Donkey, the Buffalo molds into whatever shape suits the needs of your child. With a few simple twists and clicks, the platform can accommodate a newborn growing fast into a toddler. There's also ample space for luggage, shopping bags, and baby supplies. However unlike the Cameleon, which can only support 37.5 lbs, the Buffalo can handle up to 35 lbs. of luggage, and a high and spacious seat which can carry a child up to 50 lbs. The Buffalo stroller also folds up into one piece, another perk not offered by the Cameleon model. In fact, it's one of the Buffalo's great Donkey-like characteristics. Parents will find it much more convenient to collapse the Buffalo, as there's no need to remove the stroller seat before packing the stroller down for storage or carrying. The collapsed device is also able to stand upright on its own. Also unlike the Cameleon, the Buffalo contains a large, extendable sun canopy for full protection against Mother Nature; keeping your child protected from strong sun, wind, rain, and other nasty weather. The Cameleon does have the buffalo beat on weight, however. While the Cameleon is only 21 lbs., the Buffalo weighs in at 26.2 lbs. The Cameleon is also a little less expensive, at $979.00 next to the Buffalo's $1,129+. Curious how all Bugaboo strollers compare? You can see them all here How do the two Bugaboo strollers compare? Check out the above and how they compare.

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