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Create your personal gift registry with PishPosh Baby

Create your personal gift registry with PishPosh Baby

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Congratulations! Do we detect that radiant soon-to-be-Mom glow? Oh, yeah! Big time. It’s such an exciting stage, filled with anticipation and joy, as you prepare to welcome your little one into the world.

If you’re a first-time parent, you’ll be diving headfirst into purchasing the complete range of baby gear that you’ll need. And if you’re already a pro at this parenting gig, you may just want to add specific items to your nursery.

The PishPosh Baby gift registry allows you to easily curate a wish list with products in every style and budget. You can browse our beautiful collection of top-quality brands for every item that you’ll need (and want!) on your parenting journey, from the big purchases down to the smallest essentials.

Each person’s baby needs are unique and a personal gift registry is the perfect way to select the preferences and gear you love most.  

By creating your very own wish list before your bundle of joy arrives, you’ll have all the essentials ready so that you're well-prepared for those precious early days. Plus it’s a super-organized tool to keep track of what baby gear you have and what you still need to buy. 

The excitement is contagious, and we’re sure your loved ones are rejoicing along with you at this happy time! And when it comes to baby showers and presents, a gift registry makes it simple for your friends and family to shower you with love and gifts.

Now, everyone will know what you need and which styles you love most. And of course, your gift registry at PishPosh will streamline all gift purchasing so that you don’t end up with duplicate strollers but no bassinet ;).

The PishPosh experience

At PishPosh Baby, we pride ourselves in knowing the ins and outs of every single product in our huge range of baby gear. And we always stay up to date with the latest releases, updates and trends, including exclusive collabs with big brands.

As you start to browse through our all-inclusive collection, you'll see that there are so many items, brands and models out there. Confusion and overwhelm can creep in faster than a baby’s nap timespan. But fear not! Ready to answer all your questions and work with your lifestyle, necessities, and budget, our team is here to provide clarity and direct you, or your guests, to the best choices that suit your unique needs.

And besides for our exceptional customer service, the PishPosh Baby platform has many resources for parents, full product reviews, and product comparisons so that you can properly acquaint yourself with the newest items on the market, compare brands and styles, and make informed decisions.

Need a hand in pointing out all the stuff you’ll need? We have a comprehensive baby registry checklist prepared for you that details everything you’ll need so you can create a full registry list that covers you from the day your baby is born throughout the terrible twos.

Of course, when sharing your registry, you’ll want your friends and family to choose a gift for you from within their budget. We’ve got your back there too! Thanks to our diverse selection, we have baby gear in all price ranges. So, when crafting your wish list, you can include lower-price gifts such as practical bibs and pacifiers (which you can never have enough of!), as well as more substantial items like a stroller and crib.  

We aren’t only famous for our expert guidance and easy-to-use registration process, when you set up an account and join the PishPosh family, you get to enjoy all our special perks for expectant parents, 15% back in PO$H dollars, and exclusive discounts too!

How to set up your PishPosh registry

The process is simple. First, you’ll create a PishPosh Baby account by providing an email address and password. This is where you can login to view your orders and access your PO$H dollars. Next, you’ll select the create-a-gift-registry button to create your personal registry. And voila! 

You’re all set to browse around our site, ask questions, chat with our baby gear specialists, and add everything you need to your registry to welcome your new arrival. Baby browsing fun is always a click away!

How to manage and update your registry

Forgot to add something? Want to make a change? Our gift registry is easy to manage and update. Sign in to add to or modify your gift registry anytime.

Especially, as your little one grows. Their needs change, and you'll need baby gear that adapts to their new stage. Adding gifts that transition to the next phase are so useful.

And don’t forget! Our customer service team is always available to provide support and advice for you or your guests.

How to share your registry with others

Once your registry is created, you’ll be able to send a link to family and friends, and their purchases can be delivered right to your home.

Convenience alert: Your guests can check your list from anywhere which makes it easy breezy for them to choose a gift for you anytime they want.

Selecting items for your registry

As you get  ready to add items to your registry, keep in mind: Every family has different needs. We can help you evaluate your day-to-day living and recommend baby gear options accordingly, whether you're a jet setter, homebody or do a lot of commuting. 

You’ll want to select the right gear that complements your lifestyle. The right traveling stroller and the right infant seat for long rides, can make all the difference in your baby’s comfort and your convenience. You can consult with one of our experts to find the perfect fits and also see the detailed product descriptions, images, reviews, comparisons, and demos on our website to help you decide.

Have fun customizing your wish list! You can create a themed baby registry or mix + match brands and styles according to your needs. 

And think past the newborn stage. You might be saturated in gifts now, so plan ahead by adding items geared to a specific age or stage. (Think: birthday presents, milestone gifts!)

Check out our baby registry must-haves, the collection of our most popular registry items, to get inspired.

PO$H Dollars for Our PishPosh Family

We love our customers, and have turned the shopping for baby gear into a truly rewarding experience. The more you spend, the more store credit you'll earn every time you shop at PishPosh Baby.

Here’s how it works:

  1. create a free PishPosh Baby account on our website and opt into the PO$H dollars program.
  2. Get 15% back in PO$H dollars on every purchase you make! The PO$H dollars are automatically issued to your account within 2 weeks of making a purchase.
  3. Redeem your PO$H dollars on your next purchase for super savings:).

You can also earn $5 in store credit for every product review that you post, because your time and feedback are invaluable to us🙏.

We are grateful for the loyal customers who make us a part of their parenting journey! So, with PishPosh Baby by your side, let's celebrate together as you curate your perfect baby registry and prepare for the arrival of your little bundle of joy!

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