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My Experience with the new Doona Car Seat!

My Experience with the new Doona Car Seat!

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doona_motherI was waiting and waiting the entire weekend to write this post about the Doona Car Seat Stroller and I finally found the time to write! I currently am in Europe for a bit of time, and this past Saturday I was strolling down the street taking it all in (vacation... ahhh). Suddenly from a distance I noticed two women pushing a stroller, and I can make out an aqua hood and yellow accented wheels. That only means one thing... a Doona! I hurriedly rush up to the women and pant out "Is that real Doona?". The women began to laugh and got really excited to show off their brand new car seat/stroller. Their demonstation answered all of my questions. Is the Doona Car Seat Stroller easy to push? You can't even imagine how smooth the push is, mainly because of the one handlebar system. You can push the stroller with one hand. Can your baby stay in the Doona seat while you flip from stroller to car seat and back? You sure can leave your baby in there - no need to wake them! How long does it take to switch the Doona from seat to stroller and back? Around 3 seconds, top. Is the Doona car seat heavy? Truth is, I thought the Doona looked really heavy to me. I mean, calculate the weight of a car seat + wheels - it had to be heavy. Turns out - it isn't at all! I wish I knew the exact weight, but I don't. However, I lifted the seat myself and was shocked at how easy it was to carry! Feel free to ask me any questions and I'll do my best to get you answers! Sarah
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