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Jane Twig High Chair, Jane Crosswalk, & Jane Koos Coming Soon!

Jane Twig High Chair, Jane Crosswalk, & Jane Koos Coming Soon!

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Super psyched to report that Jane's three best-selling products from Spain will now be available at Pishposhbaby! koosAs reported earlier this year, the Jane Koos infant seat will be arriving early next year. What differentiates this infant seat from the many others on the market is that incredibly lightweight seat, weighing just 5.5 lbs, can hold up to 28 lbs! The very stable, light structure makes the baby carrier very easy to carry and also makes it safer for the baby, as in the event of an impact the displacement is less than with a heavier baby carrier. The new ergonomic handle lets you change the position quickly, safely and easily. You can read our full review of the new Koos seat here trona-evolutiva-jane-twigThe Jane Twig High Chair joins the lineup of wooden high chairs that grow with your child. What makes the Twig high chair stand out is that its foldable so it can be stored away easily. This is a first on the market! The cushion is included and can be removed. The Twig features 2 seat heights and 2 footrest heights. There is also a wooden tray with a plastic overtray as well, making cleanup super simple. Learn more about the Twig high chair! jane-crosswalk-pushchair-scarlet--91318-500x500Lastly, the Jane Crosswalk stroller boasts Jane's signature high performance frame with compact folding system. Sophisticated in the city and solid in the country, these characteristics make it the perfect pushchair for all lifestyles. Its advanced features make the Crosswalk a nimble, easy to maneuver stroller: exclusive large PU tyres, 10 times more resistant, tubular aluminium chassis, independent suspension on the rear wheels and a more spacious reversible seat with reclining multi-position backrest, including a horizontal position, offering the child greater comfort. Crosswalk has everything you could want in a stroller.

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