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Snuggleberry Baby - Reinventing the Nursery Experience

Snuggleberry Baby - Reinventing the Nursery Experience

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SS_with-bumper_-fixed-1024x714 AD_with-Bumper_-fixed-1024x721 SFL_with-bumper_-fixed-1024x702 NNO_with-Bumper_-fixed-1024x752Every soon-to-be parent knows how time-consuming, overwhelming, and exciting it can be to plan and decorate your child's nursery. We are quite delighted to welcome Snuggleberry Baby bedding line to our site. All Snuggleberry Baby crib sets are designed adorably, safely, and uniquely. And did I mention how affordable they are?! Available with our without the crib bumper (why not to bumper). All sets include the sheet, skirt, quilt, decorative accessory and storybook - a REALLY cute one! Coordinating wall decals/art are available too to complete the entire nursery. Four sets are out so far - Sun and Sand, African Dream, Nightie Night Owl, and Sunflower Love. Sets ship mid July 2014 - Don't forget to PreOrder!

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