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The UppaBaby Vista Maya Limited Edition Stroller

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Just previewed the new UppaBaby Maya stroller at the ABC show in Vegas. I love love this new cool stroller. It has all the great uppa baby features in this really attractive yellow color. In addition the frame is more of black color than the standard silver color frame. The black and yellow combination on the maya uppa baby stroller is really neat!
The UppaBaby is really one of my favorite strollers and now with the new improvements I love it even more! One of the main complaints of the vista is the seat position. The 2009 vista did not sit fully up. The highest recline position was still a bit of a recline. Now the vista sits all the way straight up! By the way that is a childs most comfortable position! Another great thing because of the new position the uppa baby vista rumble seat now has more room for the second child! How cool?!

The New Uppa Baby Vista wheels are no longer hand made. They are perfectly round foam and rubber for the perfect smoothe ride.

The new vista Brake is a one touch brake to brake the stroller and the same one touch to unbrake the stroller. Much easier to use than the 2009 brake.

The Seat is much larger on the new vista 2010. Its actually 1.5 inches taller and thats a lot more time that you will be able to use this stroller as your child grows!

Bassinet has a better sun protection on it as well as a new and improved waterproff latex matress.

More Padding on the vista stroller seat for the most comfortable ride for your child!

Click On Photo for More Details on the 2010 Uppa Baby Vista!

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