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When is Baby Month?

When is Baby Month?

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the-pishposhbaby-gift-certificate-31 In which month are the most babies born? That depends on the year, but typically it usually is August or September. The latest report from the CDC has September as the month in the lead as of 2010. Regardless, it’s definitely Baby Season! So what do I get new parents as a gift? Well that will depend on who the gift is for and what my budget is. I will also try to find out if the new mom has set up a registry where she chose out the products she wants. Additionally, I like to think about what I’m looking for and how much I want to spend. For the all-out gift My favorite choice is a stroller. I would first double-check with the mom to be sure she’s not getting one from someone else. This year, by far, the most popular stroller by us was the UPPAbaby Vista. It’s folds in one piece. It has the option to attach a second seat if the new parents decide to have another baby. The main seat is able to recline to a full 180 degrees. It’s got 11” rear wheels and 8” front wheels which make it really easy to push on all terrains. You can even purchase a stand for the bassinet piece and use it in place of a cradle until the baby is big enough for a crib! For the high-end gift I love the idea of getting a bedding set. Oftentimes a mom will want to pamper her little one with high-quality bedding but will be more hesitant to spend extra on it. Obviously, depending on if it’s a boy or a girl would be which set I would choose. Or, if I don’t know what it’s going to be, I’ll just get a neutral set so that it can be reused if there is another little one to come. Glenna Jean sets are absolutely gorgeous! Their items are top-of-the-line quality and have excellent durability. There are occasionally delays, so if I want to go with their brand I make sure to order with ample time. If I want to do bedding, but would like to spend a bit less, I also really love the sets from My Baby Sam, (particularly the Mad about Plaid set) and Doodlefish (especially the Peaceful set). For the “gift package” Now, this is one of my favorite ideas! I like to find out which stroller the mom is getting and then put together a whole package of accessories! Many times new parents will forgo the extras in favor of a better-quality stroller. I like to include a cup holder, a child tray, a parent console/organizer, and if it’s the right season either a footmuff or a bundle-me. For the tight budget And what if my budget is tight or it’s just an acquaintance that I need to send a gift to and don’t really want to spend extra on? My personal favorite is the zCush nap mats. They’re really comfy and they look great. Sometimes I’ll add in a blanket. My personal favorite is the Delore Rosebud. If all else fails… Get a gift card! Moms, let me know what was your best baby gift that you got. We're always looking for new ideas. Until next time, Sarah!

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