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Reporting Live from the ABC Show!

Reporting Live from the ABC Show!

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While half the Mom Rep team is tanning - I mean working - away in Florida, running around the ABC Spring Convention like kids in a candy store, I figured that I'll update you all on what we can expect this summer! From Baby Jogger - the popular City Mini 4-Wheel stroller will now be out in Teal! The teal color was new for 2014 and has been by far the most liked color this year.
flex Bob Revolution Flex
We're standing in front on the Bob Revolution Flex stroller and boy does it surpass our expectations! As the first Bob stroller with an adjustable handlebar, this stroller is going to be the reason YOU'LL start jogging to lose the extra lbs! Ships this July - preorders will be open soon. Read more about the new Bob Revolution Flex here. Beco has introduced four bee-yoo-tee-full new patterns for both their Soleil and Gemini carriers! The Beco Arrow, Teepee, Twilight, and Scribble are quite striking - wish we can share pictures but we can't:( Use your imagination and then some.
both Nuna Mixx and Ivvi
NUNA is ON A ROLL HERE! The Nuna IVVI will finally be coming this July! The Ivvi will be coming out in Caviar Black, Safari Beige, and Ruby Red. It's a full-size stroller with all the bells and whistles you can dream of! In the words of a mom rep - "Gorgeous. Chic. Luxury." The new Nuna Mixx will be out in August as well! It weighs 8 lbs less than the Ivvi. You can read a full review of the new Mixx here. Nuna has made an update to their Nuna Sena - from now on, the poles will be attached to the actual bassinet. The sheets will be waterproof. And NEW for 2014 - the Nuna Sena Black and Nuna Sena Mini in Black! Nuna has introduced their Leaf Toy Bar in Cinder Black as well.
Mima Bo in Black/White Mima Bo in Black/White
We don't currently sell Mima, but after seeing their products at the ABC Show, we're dying to be a retailer! Their Mima Xari in Black and White is striking. It has a really compact fold, reversible seat, and is height adjustable - a feature I've never seen before. Their Mima Bo is also coming out in Black and White. The Mima Bo is a deluxe umbrella stroller with an adjustable footrest, handbrake (!) and great recline.
Duux Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is one natural route that can be used in promoting a baby’s and child’s happiness, health and wellbeing. Duux debuted their essential oils in 3 scents: lavender, eucalyptus and citronella. These are to be added to their Air Purifiers and Air Humidifiers. They smell great and kill bacteria and fungus.
prod_13665 B-Eggy Changing Pad
So we were just strolling and suddenly something caught the eye of a Mom Rep - a completely redesigned changing pad! The B-Eggy changing pad is a changing pad that cares equally for child, parent, and planet. All fabrics are bio cotton, the mattress is certified Oeko-tex 100, and the shell is a bio composite. Its safety belt is super soft and quick to fasten, and it's the world's first changing pad with gecko pads. It sticks to virtually any surface so no damage is done to your dresser! There's no changing pad on earth quite like the b-Eggy and we can't wait for them to come in so that you can join their fan club.
doona1 Doona
Finding a niche in the car seat world is becoming more and more difficult as the market is flooded, but you will go WILD over the Doona car seat! The Doona is a car seat with integrated wheels, so that it can easily flip from being a car seat, or even an on the ground rocker, into a stylish push along mobility system for a baby!! It's the coolest thing we've seen at the show in a really long time! You can read more about it here.
10389994_10152140777281630_4689273992456873744_n Recaro Stroller
Recaro has been hibernating for a while, and as Moms we know that when it's too quiet - something must be up... And our suspisions were correct! Recaro will be releasing a brand new car seat and stroller! They won't tell us the names of it yet, but see below for a sneak peak. Sure looks handsome.
4moms Breeze Grey 4moms Breeze Grey
4moms has released a new color Breeze for next year! The Breeze in grey looks really sharp. The Halo Bassinest that debuted last year won't be in until this December. Along with this unique bassinet, they will be releasing a smaller simpler version. We'll let you know of the details as soon as we have them. Find out more about the Halo Bassinest Here. As one mom rep was walking around, something caught her eye. It was a beautiful new stroller called Reis and Kussen car seat. She stopped and learnt all about the brand new company called Muv. One of Bugaboo's top employees had some dreams of his own, so he left his lucrative job to start Muv. Keep an eye out for more details - you'll be excited! The Muv Reis stroller has some great features such as a built-in cooler bag in the underseat basket! Now Dads can bring along their beer on family strolls:)
protect1 Mountain Buggy Protect car seat
The Mountain Buggy Protect car seat will be here too! This new car seat weighs just 7 lbs and holds up to 28 lbs - that's the lightest premium car seat on the market right now. You can read more about it here.

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