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Veer Vs Wonderfold Vs Keenz Vs Larktale - Full Comparison!

Veer Vs Wonderfold Vs Keenz Vs Larktale - Full Comparison!

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Take your kids on an exciting adventure with a stroller wagon! We love stroller wagons because you can push them like a stroller, but they’re so much more fun for the kids! 

Why We Love the Veer Cruiser 1 Luxury Wagon

The Veer wagon is a combination between a stroller and a wagon. It comes with two seats, and it can even accommodate infants! If you’re only using this wagon for one child, you even purchase the add-on nap system to turn it into a cool and cozy bassinet. The wagon can also accommodate an infant seat. 

This wagon has big tires and a smart steering system, and front swivel wheels so that it’s so easy to move it around. The handle is easy to push and height adjustable! 

Each seat features a 3-point safety harness, and there’s a simple to use one-touch brake. 

This wagon has a collapsible footwell, comfortably contoured seats, and interior mesh storage pockets for your kids to keep their important stuff on hand. You can even add on two sun shades for those sunny days (sold separately)!

This Veer Cruiser comes with loads of convenient details! There’s a removable snack tray that comes with two built-in cup holders so that your little ones can enjoy snacks and drinks during the ride, plus a cup holder for the person pushing the wagon! The sides of this wagon feature webbed pockets for space to keep things within reach! 

This wagon has the coolest, most compact fold you can even imagine - the wheels on the wagon are quick-release, and the handlebar can fold down too! If you’re short on storage space, you’ll surely appreciate that this wagon is so compact and easy to store. 

The Veer has low side walls so kids can climb in and out - it doesn’t have a door like the Wonderfold 4. People do find this stroller wagon to be a bit hard to maneuver. 

NEW FOR FALL 2024: Veer just launched the Veer Cruiser XL, a 4-seater wagon! This stroller wagon is 4 inches wider and about 5 pounds heavier than the original Cruiser. Instead of snack cubbies on the sides like the Cruiser, the Veer Cruiser XL has more spacious seats. To find out more about the Veer Cruiser XL and how it compares to the Wonderfold W4 or the Veer Cruiser, click here. 

Larktale Caravan Stroller Chassis Mornington Gray

The Larktale Caravan Stroller Wagon is a great wagon with fantastic maneuverability! This wagon can fit two kids inside, and has some seriously awesome features. One thing we love is that the seats are not only comfortably padded, but they actually recline, keeping your kids really comfortable for the ride! The Larktale Caravan is the only stroller with reclining seats! 


There’s a cup holder in the wagon for your kids’ drinks, so that they can stay well-hydrated. You’re actually able to flip one seat forward into a flat base position, for even more space for all your stuff! And that’s not to mention the large storage basket with vented zippered compartments! 

Notice the adjustable handlebar with leatherette details for stylish vibes! 

All-wheel suspension smoothes over those bumps, giving you a smooth ride. 

This wagon folds really quickly and easily, and it even features a belt lock for even more compactness! 

Wonderfold W4 Quad Wagon 

The Wonderfold W4 Quad Wagon can hold up to 4 passengers! It’s the only wagon with a full-sized canopy to keep your kids out of the sun when it’s hot out, and it’s actually removable so that you can take it off when the weather’s nice out and give your kids an awesome view! Each of the four raised seats has a 5-point harness for safety.

wonderfold 4

High mesh panel walls allow for the perfect combination of privacy and ventilation, and a front zipper door to make it safe and easy for kids to get in and out. This wagon can be used from ages 6 months and up. Actually, you can even remove all the seats on the wagon and just use it to take along suitcases, luggage, or anything else.

Take your whole family along for the trip with the Wonderfold W4 Quad Wagon! 

Wonderfold Wagon W2

The Wonderfold W2 Wagon is a very popular option. This spacious can hold two passengers, and it has that signature front zipper door to make it easy to get in and out of the wagon. The handle is adjustable, and is easy to push. There’s a removable canopy to keep your kids out of the sun, and the seats are removable too. 

This is great because if you only need one seat, you can take out the other one and then you’ll have more space to keep all the things you’re taking along! If you’re looking for a wagon with lots of storage space, this is a great option, since it has pockets on all sides of the wagon!

The Wonderfold Wagon W2 is simple to fold and unfold. Keep in mind that this wagon should not be used on sand or snow. 

Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon

The Keenz 7S is another popular stroller wagon. The Keenz Stroller Wagon can hold up to 2 children (there is a 4-seater; the Keenz 7S+), and has a weight capacity of 110 pounds, which means once you’ve got two kids in there, the stroller wagon may not be able to hold too much more weight. Unlike the Wonderfold which you can use with a baby 6 months or older, to go in the Keenz, baby has to be at least 12 months old.

The Keenz is relatively lightweight at just 32 pounds. The Keenz wagon has all-wheel suspension and is easy to maneuver. However, there is no recline option, and no footwell. You can purchase all-terrain tires for the Keenz (sold separately), so that it can be pushed smoothly over different terrains. This stroller wagon comes with a full canopy, and offers a lot of storage space.

With an extremely compact fold and a rotatable handle on either side of the wagon, the Keenz is a convenient and family-friendly choice. The Keenz is the perfect 2-seater stroller wagon! When comparing to the Wonderfold, Wonderfold wins when it comes to comfort, but Keenz comes out on top with its excellent maneuverability, compact fold, and lightweight design. Also, short little kids can have a hard time seeing out of the Keenz wagon, but shouldn’t have a problem on a Wonderfold because of the way the seats in the Wonderfold wagons are designed. 

These stroller wagons will make any family trip with young kids even more fun! Shop now!

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