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What's new for the Mountain Buggy 2015 LineUp? FULL REVIEW!

What's new for the Mountain Buggy 2015 LineUp? FULL REVIEW!

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unnamed (1) Mountain Buggy has revamped their 3-wheel all terrain platform for 2015 and you are going to LOVE it! Mountain Buggy has been a top choice for parents who want a stroller that will maneuver on all kinds of terrain with a sleek design. Mountain Buggy has updated their Mini, Swift, Urban Jungle, Plus One and Terrain Strollers. var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-swift-mb3-tile_400x351_fold1-570432-1-eng-RW-tile_400x351_fold1What is new for all five strollers? The most significant update for all five strollers is the new one-hand, fast fold with automatic frame lock/unlock technology (no frame lock clip). This is a really significant update. The new fold is more compact as well. All strollers have lost some weight and inches, without comprising on seat size. Now the strollers have a higher weight capacity and more storage weight. The 2015 strollers are all tailored with high-end fabrics, colorways and designs. Compare all 5 of Mountain Buggy's 3-wheel strollers here
var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-mini-mb3-mbmini_960x450_bottoms_bundle-577443-1-eng-RW-MBMini_960x450_bottoms_bundleWhat's new for the 2015 Mountain Buggy Mini? The Mountain Buggy Mini is perfect for urban dwelling parents where household space is limited, and public transport is an everyday lifestyle for the family. The lightest and slimmest urban travel system, MB mini is built on the swift buggy’s award winning platform and comes ready bundled with Mountain Buggy protect infant car seat and car seat adaptors. New features for the Mini are the adjustable handlebar and a taller seat back. var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-mini-mb3-tile_400x351_mbmini_handlebar1-577461-1-eng-RW-Tile_400x351_MBmini_handlebar1 var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-mini-mb3-tile_400x351_mbmini_aerotech1-577533-1-eng-RW-Tile_400x351_MBmini_aerotech1 (1)
var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-swift-mb3-tile_400x351_refined1-570456-1-eng-RW-tile_400x351_refined1What's new for the 2015 Mountain Buggy Swift? Elegant in size, big on adventure, the Swift navigates the city with ease, yet can tackle off road adventures with its 10” air-filled tires. Its ultra compact stand fold makes swift the ultimate buggy for parents who want to get out of the city without taking up too much boot space. New features for the 2015 Swift are the hand brake, longer seat back, included seat liner, magnetic peek-a-book window, and softer, more durable fabrics. var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-swift-mb3-tile_400x351_handlebar1-570564-1-eng-RW-tile_400x351_handlebar1var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-swift-mb3-tile_400x351_fold1-570432-1-eng-RW-tile_400x351_fold1 (1)
What's new for the 2015 Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle? var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-the-luxury-collection-shop-images-nautical_urban-jungle-295561-2-eng-RW-nautical_urban-jungleThe 2015 Luxury Collection was introduced earlier this year. You can read the full review here. New features for the 2015 Urban Jungle include a handbrake, better suspension, retractable leg support, included seat liners, and simplified front wheel swivel lock. In addition, there are new stroller blankets and satchels that you are going to love!var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-urban-jungle-mb3-960x380_fold_banner-576098-1-eng-RW-960x380_fold_bannervar-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-the-luxury-collection-shop-images-nautical_hand-brake-295615-2-eng-RW-nautical_hand-brake_product_large
var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-mb3-images-one-one_double_marine-579460-1-eng-RW-one_double_marineWhat's new for the 2015 Mountain Buggy Plus One? The Plus One that grows with your family - from a single (with loads of storage) to a double, +one is literally the all-terrain urban jungle buggy… plus one. Take your adventure from the city to off the beaten track, with 1 newborn baby up to childhood years, 1 newborn baby and a toddler, or 2 toddlers! The new Plus One now includes the second seat that reclines (!) and infant mattress which gives you all you need to make your Plus One a double stroller. The stroller also includes reversible seat liners. New features for the Plus One include a hand brake, magnetic peek-a-boo window, retractable leg extension and taller seat back. The Plus One stroller also folds with both seat attached.var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-mb3-images-one-one_extendable_mesh-579478-1-eng-RW-one_extendable_meshvar-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-plus-one-mb3-960x380_fold_banner-573982-1-eng-RW-960x380_fold_banner var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-plus-one-mb3-tile_400x351_-one_geartray_1-573988-1-eng-RW-tile_400x351_-one_geartray_1
var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-mb3-images-terrain-terrain_solus-579165-2-eng-RW-terrain_solusWhat's new for the 2015 Mountain Buggy Terrain? The Terrain is the ultimate premium jogger that delivers optimal performance to active parents who really want to get active on and off road. The powerhouse of the Mountain Buggy range, terrain redefines functionality as the ultimate adaptable jogging buggy where sporting aesthetics meets precision steering and maximum control. New features for the 2015 Terrain include a retractable leg extension and longer seat back to accommodate taller children, zip storage pocket on hood with head phone jack for your mp3, magnetic peek-a-boo window, softer more durable fabrics. The Terrain includes a reversible seat liner and comes with 16” AND 12” air-filled rear wheel sets included, giving you flexibility to go from active to urban in seconds. This is a great value! Reflecting the original craftsmanship of Mountain Buggy’s heritage, they have returned to durable, waterproof canvas fabrics in 2 sport fashion designs. Mountain Buggy has introduced two coordinating duffel bags as well. var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-960x380_fold_banner-581578-1-eng-RW-960x380_fold_banner var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-terrain-mb3-tile_400x351_handlebar1-568947-1-eng-RW-tile_400x351_handlebar1 var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-terrain-mb3-tile_400x351_fullrecline1-568935-1-eng-RW-tile_400x351_fullrecline1 Curious how Mountain Buggy's strollers compare? See the comparison chart here
For all five strollers, there is now a Carrycot Plus available - Innovation at its best, incredibly adaptable and designed with your baby’s comfort in mind, carrycot plus easily adjusts from lie-flat mode to incline mode, offering a perfect angle for babies who suffer from reflux. When your child is older, switch the fabrics to turn your carrycot plus to a parent facing seat. Two versions are available of the Carrycot Plus - one for the Swift and Mini and one for the Urban Jungle, Terrain, and Plus One. var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-mb3-images-swift-swift_carrycot_rearfacing-579207-1-eng-RW-swift_carrycot_rearfacing var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-mb3-images-swift-swift_carrycot_lieflat-579195-1-eng-RW-swift_carrycot_lieflat
Mountain Buggy has introduced new sun covers and rain covers for all strollers and carrycots.
In addition, the bumper bar on all strollers has been redesigned to accommodate the new food tray!
Strollers are shipping now, so be sure to order yours today!var-mb-storage-images-files-images-products-buggies-the-luxury-collection-shop-images-uj_nautical_foodtray-311918-1-eng-RW-UJ_nautical_foodtray_product_large

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