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Just Launched - Veer Cruiser XL!

Just Launched - Veer Cruiser XL!

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There’s a huge launch going on right now - Veer just announced that they’re welcoming the Veer Cruiser XL to their lineup, just in time for the holidays that are right around the corner! 

The Cruiser XL is 4 inches wider than the Veer Cruiser, and comfortably seats 4. The seating area is 5% wider than other popular 4-seater stroller wagons, because there’s no side cubbies like there were in the regular Veer Cruiser.

Because the Veer Cruiser XL is the same length and height as the Cruiser but a bit wider, it is about 5 pounds heavier than the Cruiser, coming in at 36.7 pounds compared to the original Cruiser at 32.5 pounds. It’s also more expensive, at $799.00 instead of $699.00.

As soon as we get more detailed info about this exciting news, we will definitely keep you posted and let you know asap! So check back here to see if there are any more details about what’s new and exciting about the Cruiser XL
Number of seats
Holds 4 children
Holds 2 children
Seating surface
20.5” wide seating surface 
10.5” wide seating surface
Snack cubbies
No snack cubbies
Two 3” snack cubbies on both sides of seat
28” wheelbase
24” wheelbase
 36.7 pounds
32.6 pounds
Handle width
Sidewall height
Car seat compatible

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