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Glenna Jean Sets for 2015!

Glenna Jean Sets for 2015!

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We've already reported on the new Glenna Jean Swizzle Pink set that is now available, but did you know that Glenna Jean will be releasing 7 more sets for 2015? We've always recommended Glenna Jean to parents who want the most beautiful nursery - and we're definitely not stopping now. So far the names of the Glenna Jean sets will be Fiona, Liam, Lil Princess, Swizzle Pink, Anastasia Cream, Harper, Heaven Sent & Happy Trails. Glenna Jean won't be disappointing us this year. Glenna-Jean-Anastasia-Cream Glenna-Jean-Fiona Glenna-Jean-Happy-Trails Glenna-Jean-Harper Glenna-Jean-Heaven-Sent Glenna-Jean-Liam Glenna-Jean-Lil-Princess

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