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Latest 7AM Cocoons for this Winter! PLUS Check Out 7AM Enfant's Newest Collections.

Latest 7AM Cocoons for this Winter! PLUS Check Out 7AM Enfant's Newest Collections.

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The newest 7AM car seat cocoons just came out, in perfect time for winter! 
Here are our most popular 7AM cocoon colors so far this season:
Grey, Black, & Grey Metallic. 
Pick your favorite! And get it soon, since we're selling these out fast!

7AM Enfant Teddy Collection

The 7AM Enfant Teddy collection is a soft, plush collection of winter products that are oh, so cute, and will keep your baby cozy through the coldest months of the year!  


There are two cocoons in this collection; the Teddy in Oatmeal & the Teddy Applique in Oatmeal/Smokey.


The cocoon is the perfect way to keep your baby warm in his car seat. It’s designed for babies ages 0-12 months. It’s awesomely lightweight, and it’s wind and rain-resistant, too!


The Cocoon has a 1000MM water repellent outer shell with a premium insulation and ultra-soft plush lining.
Baby Gear Options: Car Seat
Temperature: 40°F/4°C  
Age: 0-12 months


The 7AM Teddy Blanket has this cool smart design, and has zippered width and length extensions that can grow with your child. It's super warm, and is designed to fit any stroller.
Baby Gear Options: Stroller, Car Seat
Temperature Rating: -4°F/-20°C 
Age: 6 months - 4T
The BébéPOD Teddy is the perfect infant bunting for milder temperatures. It can be used with a car seat or stroller. The footmuff has a detachable cover that you can turn into a single panel blanket on warmer days.
Baby Gear Options: Stroller, Car Seat
Temperature Rating: 40°F/4°C 
Age: 0-9 months
Swaddle your newborn in a Nido footmuff, the soft, plush sweatshirt-like wrap with 3 folding flaps. The back panel can be detached for infant car seat use, and reattached for full coverage while your baby is in the bassinet. 
Baby Gear Options: Bassinet, Car Seat, Stroller
Temperature Rating: 40°F/4°C 
Age: 0-6 months
The Jumpsuit Teddy is perfect for late autumn and early winter weather. 2 zippers in front make it easy to take the baby in and out, and the footie style makes sure your baby is cozy all over. 
Gear Options: Bassinet, Baby Carrier, Stroller
Temperature Rating: 40°F/4°C 
Age: 6-12 months / 12-24 months
(2 size options)
The Bunting Bebe Teddy is the perfect 7AM footmuff for newborns! Designed like a sac, this is the 2 front zippers make it easy to take the baby in and out, 

Baby Gear Options: Bassinet, Stroller

Temperature Rating: 40°F/4°C 

Age: 0-3 months / 3-6 months 


Then there’s the cub set, with an adorable hat and matching mitts (you can also buy these two items separately.
And check out the adorable booties to match!

Benjamin Collection

The new 7AM Benjamin collection features a selection in many colors, including some vibrant pastel shades. 

Airy Collection

The Airy Collection from 7AM comes with a full selection of footmuffs and more in soft pastel shades. 

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