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MiFold Booster Seats - The World's Most Compact Booster Seats!

MiFold Booster Seats - The World's Most Compact Booster Seats!

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Introducing… The MiFold booster seat, the most advanced and compact booster seat we’ve ever seen!


The MiFold booster seat has it all. It’s so practical, super cool, and unbelievably compact - it’s more than 10x smaller than a regular booster seat! Older kids love that the MiFold Original Grab-And-Go Booster Seat is so small, you can barely even see that they’re sitting on it! 


The MiFold Comfort booster seat comes with all these benefits, plus a plush, cushioned seat for first class comfort, an exciting new design, and anti-slip pads. 



Many parents wonder about these foldable booster seats when they first hear of them. How is it possible for such a small booster seat to be safe?


 It’s because this booster seat works differently. 


Car seat belts were designed for adults. A regular booster car seat lifts up the child to be in a higher position, so that the seat belt fits them correctly. The MiFold does the opposite: it holds down the seat belt so that the seat belt fits the child properly. 


It’s sleek and compact because it doesn’t have to be bulky; it’s not designed to raise your child up.


The MiFold booster seat is awesome for family vacations, taxi rides, and carpooling. It’s globally regulated,* so you can take it with you with confidence on all your adventures! 
This booster seat is literally small enough to fit in your little one’s backpack or travel bag! And best of all, it sets up in less than a minute.


It’s so simple to set up, some children can even take care of it themselves! (Although, for safety reasons, we do recommend you look it over afterward just to check for any slack…)


Booster seats reduce the risk of injuries by nearly 50% among 4-8 year-olds! Yet because they can be inconvenient to take around since they’re so big, sometimes people skip using them. The MiFold booster seat alleviates this problem - it’s so slim, and so easy to bring along on your adventures!



Q: Is the MiFold booster seat safe?

A: The MiFold booster seat is a very safe choice, definitely as safe as any other booster seat. 

Q: What ages can the MiFold be used for?

A: This booster is designed for kids weighing between 40 to 120 lbs.  

Q: Can 3 MiFolds fit in the back of a car?

A: 3 MiFold boosters can fit easily in the back of a car.


Q: Can a MiFold booster seat be used on an airplane?

A: No, because it works in tandem with the seatbelt, and there are no seat belts on planes.  


*Not including Australia & Taiwan.

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