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NEW Bugaboo Fox3 Vs Bugaboo Lynx

NEW Bugaboo Fox3 Vs Bugaboo Lynx

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Hey moms! If you've been following our blog at PishPosh Baby recently, you probably remember that Bugaboo just introduced the Fox3 stroller. Today, we're going to be comparing the Fox3 with the Bugaboo Lynx stroller, so you can see which stroller works better for your needs. 

The Bugaboo Fox3 stroller and the Bugaboo Lynx are two great stroller options from Bugaboo that may seem similar at first, but we’ve come to realize that they actually have quite a few differences! Both these strollers come with their own advantages. Let’s compare them so you can see exactly what we’re talking about!

Bugaboo Lynx Vs Fox3 Price

One of the key differences between these two strollers is that the Lynx is significantly more affordable, starting at $1,149.00, compared to the Fox3 that starts at $1,429.00. Now that’s a pretty big difference! 

Bugaboo Lynx Vs Fox3 Dimensions

Both have a weight capacity of 50 pounds. The Bugaboo Lynx starts at 20.7 pounds, and the Fox weighs 21.83 pounds. 

Bugaboo Lynx Vs Fox3 Seat

Fabrics on the Fox3 are water repellant, super strong and soft to the touch. Both strollers feature a reversible seat with a 3-position recline, for the ultimate in convenience and comfort. The Lynx recline is 2 handed, while the Fox has a 1-hand actuated recline. 

Bugaboo Lynx Vs Fox3 Storage

The Bugaboo Fox3 basket is a bit larger than the storage basket on the Lynx. The basket on both of these strollers can hold up to 22 pounds. 

Bugaboo Lynx Vs Fox3 Wheels

Generally, the bigger the wheel, the smoother the ride, and the Fox3 has bigger wheels than the Lynx. It has 8.5 inch front wheels, and 12 inch rear wheels. The Lynx has 7” front wheels and 11.5” rear wheels. The Fox3 has a central-joint suspension system for a smooth ride with a soft bounce, and the Lynx, to compare, has front-wheel only suspension, although it also boasts a two-wheel position feature, for beach and snow. 

Bugaboo Lynx Vs Fox3 Fold

The Fox3 has an easy self-standing fold, like the Bugaboo Lynx, but many moms have told us that they find it easier to fold than the Lynx. The Lynx has a one step compact fold, while the Fox has a 2 step fold. 

Bugaboo Lynx Vs Fox3 Bassinet

The Fox3 Breezy bassinet comes with a few added features, including fabrics that are soft to the touch, and a new ventilation system. The transparent mesh detailing in the bassinet gives your baby the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the outside world. 

The Fox and the Lynx are two great options for strollers. The Lynx is an amazingly light full-size stroller. The Fox3 offers a luxurious, comfortable ride with the smoothest push. Whether you choose to go with the Fox3 or the Lynx, both these strollers are dependable and quite popular. 

Both of these strollers are available for purchase at PishPosh Baby, the place to go for baby gear!

If you're interested in hearing more about the Bugaboo Fox3, you can read the full review on the following blog post: NEW Bugaboo Fox3 Stroller - Full Review!

Need help choosing between these options? Call 877-747-4767 to speak with one of our baby gear experts today! 





Bugaboo Lynx

Bugaboo Fox3


23.6” / 60cm wide, 20.5” / 52 cm foot print

Package Dimensions: 34.8 x 22.3 x 18

Folded Dimensions

2-piece fold: 34.45 x 20.87 x 12.2 inch / 87.5 x 53 x 31 cm

1-piece fold: 60 x 60 x 88 cm

33.9 L x 20.5 W x 13.4 H

Weight Capacity

50 lbs

48.5 lbs

Wheel Size

7” front wheel & 11.4” rear wheels

8.5-inch front wheels

12-inch rear wheels

Reversible Seat




Large UPF50+ sun canopy with peekaboo window

Extended UPF 50+ canopy with mesh peekaboo window & Breezy panel

Lockable Front Wheels



Adjustable Handlebar



Stroller Weight

20.72 lbs

21.8 lbs (26.9 lbs when fully assembled)

Basket Capacity

22 lbs

22 lbs



Front-Wheel Suspension

All-wheel suspension